Assorted cake

The original “Ten View Cake” on the roof is printed on the cake with the ten-story pattern of Tiantai Mountain. Later it became a “simple cake” with various varieties and festive colors. The “Ten Scene Cake” is mainly printed on wooden molds with various shapes of wheat flour. The patterns mainly include the word "shou", the word "double happiness", auspicious knots, plum blossoms, and also printed in the shape of a cloud, a fish, and a bird. These pastries are usually sweet stuffed or solid. From the appearance, it is no different from a work of art.

Custom: When the new wife returns to the door, her family always prepares some things like flower cake, birthday peach cake, yuanbao cake, etc., together with red eggs and candy, and distributes to the neighbors where the husband is located, called "with handcuffs."