Also called "HuLaTuo". “HuLaTuo”, as the name implies, is to make the wheat flour thin and not lose its sticky paste. Drag it into a round pancake by hand and cook it one at a time. It takes less than one minute to cook. It is convenient to make, crisp and delicious, and is one of the daily meals of Tiantai villagers.

The method of powdering is the same as that of dumplings, but it is not used, but the specific operation is just the opposite of the cake. At the beginning, the wet powder mass is also held in the right hand, followed by the center of the crucible, and then pastewise to the side of the crucible to make the paste into a cone-shaped cake with a diameter of about 50 cm and thin as paper. Then, Put a raw egg into the bowl, add some scallions, oil, salt, etc., mix well, spread on the surface of the rag, and cook it, you can eat it. According to everyone's favorite, other ingredients such as tofu, snow, shrimp, leeks or pumpkin silk can be used. This is another flavor.

It is not easy to do a good job, and production is very skillful. For example, the amount of oil in the sputum, the thickness of the powder, the size of the fire, etc. must be picked up. Otherwise, it will break and not form. The roof is customary, the new wife-in-law is cooking, and the husband’s family often asks her to do “paste and drag” to test her craft.

It is delicious and delicious, and it has become a favorite in home-cooked pasta. Nowadays, tourists can enjoy this unique pasta by visiting the food and beverage outlets on the street.