Qiongtai Xiangu

Tiantai Mountain is known as the “Shanshui Shenxiu, Buddhism Taoyuan” and is the birthplace of the first Tiantai sect and the Taoist Southern sect. It is also the hometown of the living Buddha Jigong, the hidden habitat of the poetry Hanshanzi and the first tour of Xu Xiake. Ground. The main scenic spots are: Qiongtai Xiangu, Shiliang, Guoqing Temple, Jigong Former Residence, Tongbai Palace, Chicheng Mountain, Huaxiang, Tianhu, Longchuan Gorge and Hanshan Lake.

In the history of Qiongtai Singu, it was included in the Eight Great Scenes of Tiantai Mountain, “Qingtai Night Moon”. As early as more than 400 years ago, after the field study of Shangshu Wangsi Renjing, the Qiongtai was listed as the first of the hundred scenic spots in Tiantai Mountain. Ascott loves this scene. Sun Yi, Wang Xizhi, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Meng Haoran, Yan Zhengqing, Su Shi, Mi Wei, Lu You, Zhu Xi, Xu Xiake, Tang Yi, Wen Zhengming, Kang Youwei, Yu Dafu, etc. all have ink and poetry here. Li Bai’s "Qiontai" poem "Long Lou Feng Yu refused to live, and flew straight to the rooftops.

The high dynasty of the past dynasty admired the Qiongtai Singu is the land of the spiritual gods, and successively entered the mountain to practice. The Three Kingdoms Ge Xuan was called "Ge Xiangong", and the Tang Dynasty Lu Dongbin was called one of the "Eight Immortals" by the descendants. The Southern Song High Road Zhang Boduan is here. Created Taoism Nanzong, revered as "Ziyang real person."

In 2003, Qiongtai Singu was listed as a tourism treasury project by the National Development and Reform Commission. The planned area of the scenic spot is 25 square kilometers, only 8 kilometers away from the county seat, and the 8 bus is leading. In the scenic area, there is the famous Chinese Taoist Southern Ancestral Temple - Tongbai Palace, the national key project - Tongbai Pumped Storage Power Station. The Qiongtai Sentosa Scenic Area is known as the “Xiong, Qi, Xiu and You”. The scenic area is full of granite, with layers of ridges and deep waterfalls. The peaks, rocks, lakes and waterfalls are complete, forming a perfect Grand Canyon landscape. It is no wonder that Yu Dafu’s "Southern Diary" once wrote with sighs that "the scenery of Qiongtai is really amazing."

Group Dragons, Qianlong Shenghui, Xianhu Jiufeng, Jinting Dongtian, Qiongtai Night Moon, Sendai Shuangyu, Tonggong Xiu Se, Taoyuan Wonderland, and more than 100 scenic spots in the eight scenic spots make people dazzle and linger.