Huading National Forest Park Scenic Spot

Huading National Forest Park is located at the main peak of Tiantai Mountain, with an elevation of 1095.4 meters. With the reputation of “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “Summer Resort”, it is an ideal place for leisure, health and summer.

Spring rewards Yunjin Rhododendron; summer is a summer resort; autumn view of the East China Sea sunrise; winter to see ice smog. It is also the core production place of Tiantai Yunwu Tea, which is the reputation of “Jiangnan Tea Zu and Han Ri Chayuan”. It is said that Wu Shi Ge Xuan of the Three Kingdoms has planted tea here for more than a thousand years.

The Huading Temple was built in the first year of the Jin Dynasty in the first year of the Jin Dynasty (936). It was also known as the “Xingshan Temple”. In the third year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1065), Xingshan Temple was renamed “Hua Ding Temple”.

Since the Tang Dynasty, the three kingdoms of Korea and Japanese Buddhists have come to worship the Tiantai Mountain and climbed the summit of Huading, leaving many historical stories. The ancestor of the Linji ancestor of Japan, Rongxi, has been on the platform many times. When he returned to China, he was still on the Tiantai Mountain. Huading collects tea species and brings them back to Japan to promote tea and tea in Japan. Therefore, Huading Temple has also become the birthplace of Japanese tea ceremony. There are two eye springs in the temple: "The Spring of the Wisdom" and "The Prairie Spring".